YAZ Lawsuits

Yaz & Pregnancy

Produced by Bayer HealthCare, Yaz is an oral contraceptive designed to prevent pregnancy.

Women Becoming Pregnant When Taking Yaz

Women typically only become pregnant when taking Yaz if they fail to take the pill as directed. Bayer instructs women to take one Yaz pill within four hours of a set time daily. The closer to the same time every day, the more effective the medication will be. Should women miss a pill (or more) or take Yaz outside of this four-hour window each day, they will significantly decrease the effectiveness of Yaz.

If a woman forgets to take one or more pills, the appropriate response will depend on the number of pills she has missed, as well as when she remembers she has forgotten to take them. Here are instructions for what to do if you miss a pill:

  • 1 pill missed: Take the missed pill as soon as you remember. If it's close to the set time on the following day, simply take two pills at the appropriate time. You will not need to use a backup method of contraception.
  • 2 pills missed: For the next two days, take two pills at the appropriate time. You will need to use a backup form of birth control for the following seven days.
  • 3 or more pills missed: Stop taking the pills in this cycle, and being a new cycle of medication. A backup form of contraception will be needed for the following seven days.

If a sexually active woman fails to adhere to these instructions, she will increase her likelihood of becoming pregnant.

Got Pregnant on Yaz?

Women who become pregnant while taking Yaz (i.e. those who don't take Yaz as instructed) should immediately discontinue use of these birth control pills. The FDA classifies Yaz in category X, meaning that it can contribute to birth defects. Additionally, Yaz hormones can slow breast milk production, as well as pass through breast milk, so women who are breast-feeding should also not take Yaz birth control pills.